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Fantastic news this week as Imagination Technologies® has agreed to sponsor Fling OS to hire a student for Fling OS’s first ever summer placement. This is very welcome backing from a major player in both the UK and global low-level technology markets.

As part of the sponsorship deal I, Ed Nutting, will also be collaborating with Imagination Technologies and the University of Bristol to write and deliver a series of lectures focusing on teaching practical low-level and OS development. The lectures will run in the first term of the new academic year and will work alongside the Computer Science course to teach low-level development to second and third year students. The lectures will involve hands-on aspects making use of Imagination Technologies’ Creator CI20 and laptops kindly donated by the St Paul’s C of E Primary School, Enfield.

This will be a superb and exciting opportunity for Fling OS to make dramatic progress and to bring industry and education together to help students. This year’s summer placement students will be blogging here on this website so keep checking back!

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Author: Ed Nutting

Founder and lead developer of the Fling OS project.

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